Don’t Settle for a Boring Phone Case

Today I was searching for a new iPhone case when I stumbled upon this little treasure: a website that lets you upload photos and design your own case!

I haven’t ordered a case just yet, but I’ve been experimenting to see how expensive it would be.  It was shockingly easy… The hardest part was choosing which picture to upload to put on my case!

What surprised me the most was the low price! $35 with FREE standard shipping to anywhere in the U.S.! That’s about the same price as a case from AT&T.

Of course, I’m sure this case isn’t as durable as say, the Otter Box or Speck, but they’re not going to offer you a case with a picture of you and your friends, are they? also has a variety of designed cases to choose from as well.  One of my favorites were the Glam Collection Sparkle cases ($40).  Most cases are around $30-$40 but can be as cheap as $15.

The best part? If you don’t like the case, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days.  Don’t have an iPhone? Erika might tell you that it’s time to say Goodbye Crackberry, Hello Siri. But don’t worry! also has cases for  tablets and other devices. So, if you haven’t made “the switch” just yet, you can still customize a case for your own device.


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