Your Closet Will Never Be the Same…

“Heels are candy for the feet…”  -Christian Louboutin

Tired of your same old boring black pumps?  If red heels are the ‘craziest’ your feet have ever seen–brace yourself.  These heels are intense, lust-worthy, and the envy of every shoe in your closet.  It’s safe to say that there are no shoes that even come close to comparing to these.  Don’t even bother getting your credit card out, unless of course you’re made of money. Unfortunately, I’m not. But a girl can dream, can’t she?

Christian Louboutin. Astroid Spike-Toe Pump $1,595 – How can you talk about amazing shoes without mentioning Mr. Louboutin? These shoes are fierce, in every sense of the word.  These are not your work wear kind of shoes; these are attention-grabbing, stop and stare kind of shoes.

Jimmy Choo. Viola Crystal-Set Suede Sandal $1,850 – I can just picture these stunning shoes with an earth-toned maxi dress.  These shoes need a rather simple outfit as to not outshine the beautiful detail on the straps of the shoe.  I love camel colored heels.  They look effortless and could pull an outfit together seamlessly.

Stuart Weitzman. Flower-Detail Thong Sandal $395 – Okay, these aren’t heels (clearly), but how could I resist?  So cute and effortless.  These would be perfect for a weekend shopping trip or basically anywhere where there is a lot of walking but you don’t want to compromise style for fashion. They come in this red color and grey. (For the record, if anyone is interested in buying me a pair, I prefer the red. Thanks 🙂 ) Plus, compared to the rest of the shoes on this dream-list, these sandals are a bargain!

Burberry. Beaded Platform Sandal $795 – Almost every store that I’ve been in recently is showing this tribal trend.  I have to admit, I’m not completely sure I love it.  My style is more classic than eclectic, however, I do love these sandals.  Burnt orange isn’t a popular shoe color (so major points there) and I like the contrast of the black, orange and yellow.

Lanvin. Chain & Fringe T-Strap Sandal $1,598 – The word edgy doesn’t even begin to describe it.  Tell me the last time you’ve seen a stylish shoe with chains.  Never?  When I see these shoes I think high-end gothic.  Not for everyone, but check out the little charms hanging off the shoe… You could say that these heels portray the perfect amount of spunk.


Lust away 🙂


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1 Response to Your Closet Will Never Be the Same…

  1. tovah11 says:

    I would kill for the Lanvins.

    Thanks for waking me up to some great pictures!

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