Dom Mazetti: The Perfect Way to Procrastinate

If you’ve never heard of YouTube star Dom Mazzetti, be ready to waste two hours (if not more) of your life watching his hilarious videos. I first discovered Mr. Mazzetti my sophomore year thanks to my fabulous roommate. Who knew that one video and one man would change my college life (for the better)? I found myself using quotes from his videos regularly and holding conversations solely based on his latest upload.

His videos are set up in a sort of interview-style where he answers questions and comments about the topic at hand (all of which he comedically chooses to fit a buzz-worthy topic in pop-culture).  He comments on a random subject or something that is happening in the media, for example: “Dom Mazzetti vs. Drunk Girls” (the first video that I saw), “Dom Mazzetti vs. Casey Anthony,” “Dom Mazzetti vs. Freshmen,” and more. Videos launch about once a month, so if (and when) you finish watching them all (which you will unfortunately be sucked into), you’ll still have something new to look forward to from Dom.

My personal favorite video is “Dom Mazzetti vs. Finals” (see below). Watch this video and you’ll realize that a lot of Facebook statuses during finals week are really quotes from Dom’s video. Here are my personal faves: “In the lib forever, can someone please bring me some taco bell and a gun? I’ll love you forever,” “The more you talk about your finals the higher grade you will receive, karma,” and “One page of reading equals one shot of alcohol.” I find myself watching this video just to feel better about myself during finals week. (Plus, who doesn’t want some taco bell and/or a shot while slaving… Or not… Over notes in the back corner of the library?)


The most-viewed video is Dom Mazzetti vs. Drunk Girls. It’s an absolute perfect depiction of drunk girls in college. (And let’s be real… we don’t need to be college girls to be acting this way. I know some of you TwentyTweeters are guilty of this!)

Last but not least, Dom adds some current-events to his repertoire of social-satire by taking a stab at the infamous Casey Anthony trial.  Dom has some pretty hard feelings and makes a big step for all of mankind by endorsing Justin Beiber, but we’ll leave our opinions to ourselves.

If you love Dom as much as we do, follow him on Twitter @DomMazzetti and like him on Facebook.


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2 Responses to Dom Mazetti: The Perfect Way to Procrastinate

  1. tovah11 says:

    Oh no! Another reason to not get my ass out of this chair! Thanks, though. Can’t wait to watch.

  2. Renata says:

    love him!

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