Who Needs a Boyfriend When You Have $20.49?

A coworker of mine brought this to my attention on Twitter, and I couldn’t even contain myself. I’m really not even sure how to respond besides the fact that I think my people (a.k.a the female sex) are really getting desperate! C’mon ladies. I know these long, cold winter nights get a little boring when you don’t have someone to share a bed with, but do you really need to buy a “Dream Man Arm Pillow” to get through them? There are just so many things wrong with this picture. His shirt is ugly; he’s pudgy; he’s inanimate; it’s A PILLOW.

Call me boring, but I feel like you could totally cuddle with a normal body pillow (that had no faux human extremities attached) and get the same effect. I’m also the type of girl who likes to spread out like a starfish in bed, so any man who wants to risk sleeping in the same bed as me might actually be risking his life. But hey, to each their own. However, as I’m writing this, “Independent Woman” is playing on my Pandora playlist, so I guess it’s a sign that I should probably back off and let these men-less women do their thing with their “Dream Man Arm Pillows” by their sides. But if you do, buy him a new shirt.

Rock that shit ladies.


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3 Responses to Who Needs a Boyfriend When You Have $20.49?

  1. I love this. And agreed. I have a man, and I actually would prefer either a bigger bed, or for him to sleep somewhere else….:)

  2. tovah11 says:


    That fake 1/2 torso with attached arm would seriously creep me out.

    LOL. Hey whatever makes a buck, right?

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