Can Moisturized Lips Lead to… Addiction?

At any given time, I have up to 3 tubes of Burts Bees Chapstick on me.  I would estimate that I put on chapstick about 2-3 times per hour.  I had a friend once tell me that he’s never seen anyone put on as much chapstick as I do.  I wouldn’t say that I’m addicted, but if for some reason I forgot my chapstick at home, I would stop at the closest store to pick up another one.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my Facebook friends posted a status that said putting on chapstick more than twice a day is unhealthy for your lips.  I thought, “he’s crazy,” but then I saw about half a dozen people commenting and saying how they had heard that before, too.  The horror!  There’s such a thing as too much chapstick?! I “investigated” and found out that the general consensus says… It’s true.

Apparently, by giving your lips this little treat you’re actually drying them out.  How the heck does that happen?  Well, they say your body doesn’t realize your lips are dry and therefore doesn’t produce the necessary nutrients to keep them hydrated… Causing you to use more chapstick.  Get it?  It’s a vicious cycle.

So, whats a chapstick addict to do?  Go to Lip Balm Anonymous, of course.

Yes, this is real.  Their “primary purpose is to stay free from lip balm and to help others achieve the same freedom.”  There’s even a 12-step program to recover from your lip balm addiction.  Thank goodness there are other people out there to help people defeat this “addiction.”

Now, after giving you all these facts and knowing the “truth,” will I cut back on my chapstick-using?  Absolutely not.  Sorry.  I’d rather not have my lips dry and cracked (and I bet my boyfriend would agree).

I must note, however, that I never found a scientific study backing up this so-called lip balm “addiction.”  In fact, some studies call this theory bogus.  Nonetheless, I thought this was an interesting concept–people being addicted to lip balm.


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2 Responses to Can Moisturized Lips Lead to… Addiction?

  1. tovah11 says:

    I love my lipbalm and am always on the lookout for the next best one.

    My favorite, by far, is the Burts Bees original. None of the fancy stuff they make. Just that little yellow canister.

    I do believe it’s addicting, but just try and get me to

  2. I had a teacher in high school (Biology) who SWORE that chapstick was addicting. I’ll never forget this… he said he did an experiment one winter where he “weened” himself off of it, during which his lips were cracked, dry, and bleeding the whole time…but rejuvenated themselves back to normal and he didn’t use chapstick ever again. This could just be an old-wise-Bio teacher’s tale, but he was one of those teachers you kind of want to believe (LOVED HIM). I was also in like, 10th grade at the time, so who knows. But it makes sense because your lips do stop producing natural oils that keep them supple without your fave lip balm. (I am an AVID lip balm user though, so this is kind of hypocritical, but whatever!)

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