A Curling Iron… For Your Eyelashes?

I’m sure they exist somewhere in the infomercial world. (Yep, I just found one). But before you’re off and buying a heated eyelash curler, try this simple trick:

Turn on your hair straightener. As it’s heating up, stick your eyelash curler in between the plates. Close it gently and hold it for 10 seconds. Then, curl your lashes like you normally would. You’ll be surprised (or not) at how well a little heat can add some boost to your lashes! If you don’t have a straightener (but in this day and age, who doesn’t…) blowing a hair dryer on high heat directly on your eyelash curler for 10-15 seconds will work just the same.

Unless you’re heading out to the club with your favorite group of guidettes, skip the glue-ons (ouch!) and let us know what you think.

Have another quick eyelash curling tip? Tweet away @20sTweet!

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