A Campaign for Change: Yung Cam to Release New Mix Tape

An intimate night was shared with friends, family, and fans on Sunday, January 15th to celebrate the mix tape release of local Hip-Hop artist Cameron Benton, otherwise known as Yung Cam. The soiree, which was held at the Pier at 200 Allens Ave., Providence, RI, was dimly lit and comfortable, with a peaceful fireplace roaring in the background. Members of Yung Cam’s support team warmly welcomed guests as they flowed in and took their seats. Complimentary food and drinks were served to all of the invite-only guests as they awaited to hear the newest music from the talented lyricist.

Yung Cam has been rapping since 2006 and he has been perfecting his craft ever since. He has numerous mix tapes under his belt, including an R&B compilation called Keep It Real (2010).  His newest, and main reason for the celebration, titled GBMV4 (G Block Money Vol. 4): The Campaign, will officially drop on January 21st, 2012.  Benton has big aspirations for The Campaign. As one of the very few rappers to come out of Providence, he hopes to become the voice, leader, and ambassador of RI. As the title entails, The Campaign will be Yung Cam’s attempt at becoming the self-proclaimed Mayor of Providence. He knows that he will not be able to do this alone. “You need a team, you need a city, you need a state…and you need everybody to be on the same page,” Benton says. Although he wants to change the future of Hip-Hop in RI, his team of videographers, photographers, and event planners work together to change the image and set the standard of entertainment in the state.

When asked what his main inspirations and motivators were for The Campaign, Cam tells TwentyTweets that the mix tape reveals a story of himself and an anonymous female. It is a personal expression of good versus evil, the trials and tribulations of a relationship, and the struggle between himself and this woman. The Campaign goes deeper than the superficial and overused stories of a troubled love: it is also a metaphor for his relationship with the city of Providence. The intertwined stories of  “the lost girl and the lost city” add a more perplex and interesting message to his mix tape, ever-perpetuating his crusade to become a positive figure head in RI and in the music industry in general (photo credit: Rudeboyy.com)

Benton confidently took the stage and introduced the crowd of less than 100 guests to The Campaign and enlightened us with his plans for the future. He also explained that his music will go beyond that of a common Rap and/or Hip-Hop album. “I’m that person that’s in between the hood and the colleges; the black kids and the white kids; the fat kids and the skinny kids; in between the R&B and the Rap,” he pronounced proudly. He performed three songs off of the upcoming mix tape, including the newest single “Lights Out,” that has a positive, up-beat, and empowering message, putting the “lights out” on the rest of the competition.

As one of the main members of his staff, Sabrina Chaudhary has an abundance of faith in the future of Yung Cam. She tells us that GBMV4 shows immense growth from his last mix tape (GBMV3, which dropped less than a year ago). “I am blown away,” she explains. Chaudhary works with Event Planning, Marketing, and branding for Yung Cam and his team.

Cameron Benton was born and raised in Providence, RI, and is currently a Communications Major at the University of Rhode Island. He credits Blockstars Entertainment, and his support team including Sabrina Chaudhary, Jason Almeida, and Stanley Carmichael for all of his past success and all future endeavors. His website, YungCamGBM.com, is the home of all of his previous mix tapes, along with the location of GBMV4 when it drops this Saturday. Be sure to follow him on twitter @YungCamGBM and help him with his #SupportRI movement.


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  1. RudeBoyy says:

    Love the article! Very well written…..

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