Sports: Stop Hating and Start Watching

Ever wonder what it is that draws men to ESPN, NESN, or other popular sports networks? Or why they always tweet or post to Facebook about the same weird things on Sundays (see: Tim Tebow v. The Pats)? Well, it’s due to this little thing called Professional Sports. Calm down ladies, I know you might think that they’re infringing on your time to watch your guilty pleasures on Lifetime, but in reality, sports are so much more than a bunch of over-paid men running around in tight-fitting uniforms (but that’s always a plus).

The obsession with Professional Sports goes back further than anyone could ever imagine (or rather, longer than I feel like researching). Men gather around television sets, bars, or even live arenas, cheering on their favorite teams while also creating epically strong bonds with their friends. So, where do we come in this equation? Stereotypically, we are supposed to be the ones in the kitchen, hating on the whole idea of it all (thanks to MyLifeIsBro for perpetuating this image). Realistically, there are many women out there who not only watch, but partake in many of these sports.

Are you on the fence about joining the sports craze? Please… Let me inspire you to join in. Besides the highly attractive, sweaty, and hardcore men that usually run rampant, there are many plus sides to a sport-educated woman:

  • Be an anti-princess for a minute. Yes, we all love being made up in our highest heels, shortest skirts, and best face of make-up, but sometimes, a night off from the princess-act is really necessary. Sports don’t care how you look. Throw your hair up in a cute up-do, minimalize your make-up (if any at all), and put on your favorite team’s jersey with a pair of jeans. Relax a little and call up your other femme-fatale-sports-fanatic friends.
  • Pay attention and learn a little bit. Trying to be a guru for every sport out there is something we can leave to the guys on sports radio. So try picking up on one sport and learning all you can about it. You don’t need to know every little statistic, but once you understand the basics, watching and enjoying it alongside the bros will be that much more fun.
  • Socializing just got easier. Especially during the play-offs or highly hyped up games (once again, see: Tim Tebow v. The Pats), gathering with a bunch of friends to watch is almost the easiest night out you could ever plan. Find a local bar or restaurant that will be airing the game (which will probably be all of them), or invite everyone over to your place. Refer to the first two tips and you will not only be having fun, but you’ll impress the sh*t out of everyone around you.
  • Learn some history. Within each sport, there are teams with glory stories and horror stories; rivalries and bad-blood; and historical events that changed the future of the sport. Getting to know these fun-facts make the experience that much better.
  • The thrill might inspire you. Do you find yourself on the edge of your seat or replaying scenes from the game in your head? Maybe it’s time you tried playing yourself. While playing professionally might not be in your cards, do some research to find a local intramural or club team you could join…or try a variation of the sport. Love hockey? Start ice skating. There is a world of possibilities here, and you will be killing two birds with one stone: having fun and working out at the same time.

Time to look those nay-sayers in the face and let them know that you are a proud female sports fan. Sports fans get to enjoy all the low-key and stress-free perks of playing sports… Besides the actual game itself, of course. I say you start with hockey, but I’m biased for my Boston Bruins. Anything will cut it, though!


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