Memory Lane Monday: An Introduction

Have you ever wondered how other twenty-somethings lived prior to the year 2012? As an interesting, investigative, weekly post, TwentyTweets will delve into years past and spotlight how twenty-somethings lived during these times. These posts will include a synopsis of the music during that year, styles, pop culture, events, and other top news stories…basically if TwentyTweets existed back then (and I bet that most ex-twenty-somethings wish it did), we’ll bring you what would have been posted by its writers back then.

We didn’t want to hop right into this post, simply because an explanation was definitely necessary beforehand. While we are excited to do the first post (hint: it will include the initial launch of a social media fallen legend), we wanted to be sure the idea wasn’t completely random.

So, until next Monday it is! Any requests for years to be examined should definitely be tweeted, emailed, Facebooked, or sent to us via carrier pidgeon (because how else did the ancient TwentyTweeters spread news?) as soon as possible!

Happy Monday!


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