Pencils. Out of the Classroom and Onto the Runway

It’s the beginning of winter so you know what that means: Spring fashion! Yes, I said spring.  Retailers are always a season ahead–back-to-school at the beginning of July, bathing suits hitting the shelves in March (or sometimes even earlier)…you get the idea.  It can seem a little annoying but I have to admit, I love it.  Seeing all the bright colors, cute trench coats, nautical stripes, sweet sandals, open toed shoes and the like, really help me get out of a winter rut. It’s nice to know we won’t be shivering in our bulky sweaters and snow boots for long.

In January’s issue of InStyle there was a 4-page sneak peak of fashion trends we can expect to see this spring.  So far, they seem pretty basic but one shoe really caught my eye. Introducing Spring’s hottest new shoe trend: the Pencil Heel.  This look isn’t entirely new though, as this past fall–but fashion-insiders are saying this trend is really going to take off this spring.

Intimidating? Possibly. But I already can’t wait to try a pair on. The silhouette of the heel is striking, especially when the heel is sky-high.  It garners well-deserved attention and will be sure to add flair to almost any look.  These shoes will be able to make a simple outfit look fabulous.  I have to admit though, despite my eagerness to slip a pair on my feet, some of these heels just don’t strike my fancy.

Christian Louboutin. On-Sale. $209

I love the shoes that gradually go into the heel, like these Louboutins.  To me, this is the way a heel should look.

What I don’t like about this trend are the shoes that look like the heel was just stuck to the middle of the heel of the shoe (see right).

MARA WP for Bakers. On-Sale. $29.90

This look is modern and different, but just not for me.  I get it, it’s supposed to be thin but I just can’t help but think something is missing.

This Spring I think I’ll be sticking with the more ‘conventional’ pencil heel but I’m not completely ruling out the more modern version.  Maybe once I see how beautiful they look on other people I’ll just have to go out and get myself a pair.

Go out a try a pair for yourself but please, what ever you do, make sure you can walk in them. There is nothing more unflattering than a woman teetering and stumbling in her heels.

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