Overcrowded Gym? There’s an App for That

Hello 2012; Hello massive crowds at the gym (at least for now). With the new year upon us, it seems like everyone and their best friend has joined a local gym. I have to admit, all these new faces have cut into my gym “comfort zone.” I like my space when I work out, I like my pick of almost every machine, and most importantly, I like my space when I’m showering and getting ready after my workout. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind you on the elliptical next to me; but take up too much space at the mirror, and my whole day is off.  In an effort to avoid these crowds and potential ‘space stealers,’ I opted for an at-home workout this morning instead of my usual 7 a.m.

My home gym equipment consists of the basics–treadmill, medicine ball, ab glider, a few weights–nothing too special but it gets the job done when I use them right. Last night though, I found a great app to supplement my home gym (yes, my iPhone has now been incorporated into my workout), the Nike Training Club.

This free app has dozens  of workouts designed for every fitness level. Workouts range from 15 minutes to 45 minutes, and even have celebrity-designed workouts to choose from. To begin, you choose your goal, then your skill level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and then have between six to ten customized workouts to choose from.

Each workout includes a step-by-step guide (including how long you should be doing each exercise) and even shows you how to do to them. What’s especially great about this app is that your phone keeps time for you, tells you when to switch exercises, keeps your body moving, tracks your progress and even lets you choose your own music to workout to. Genius.

Another bonus to this free app: After so many minutes of exercising with the app you can unlock new workouts and even some healthy recipes!

Nike Training Club is a great way to keep in shape when you don’t feel like fighting the gym crowds, and with so many customizable workouts its something your body won’t just get used to–meaning you’ll see results. What more could you ask for from an app?


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