A Little Local Love for Lil Rhody

The girls here at TwentyTweets know that any recognition at this early-stage in our careers is not only necessary, but awesome, even if it is only at the local level. As hip-hop enthusiasts (well, mostly myself, but I am hoping my swagged-out ways catch on with the other ladies, hehe), we love the opportunity to be the first to hear of new, up-and-coming talent. I had the chance of stumbling upon the “Ocean State Cypher 1.0,” presented by DJ aSap and PMG, highlighting a few of these local artists in the state of RI.

All of these artists live in our quaint little state of Rhode Island, and many of them are either current students or alumni of the University of Rhode Island (just like us!!!). According the Twitter, the hype over this video exploded since it was posted yesterday. Just like anything else that’s new, especially with the help of social media, there will alawys be some negative opinions. But what we’ve seen so far is the majority of overwhelmingly positive, #supportRI tweets.

I’ve posted the video here for you all to enjoy (taken from Rudeboyy.com). Below the video, you’ll find each of the artists’ Twitter handles, so be sure to give each of them some love. We certainly will be!

Artists featured in this video (in order of appearance):

Don’t forget to #SupportRI, or whatever small town, state, or area you may represent. We all come from the same place and whether or not we can “make it big” one day depends on support from those people around us! Keep it positive and let’s keep it up! xo


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