You STILL don’t Have a Dress for NYE??

Is it bad that I just got my dress for New Years Eve like, 4 hours ago?  I’m not kidding.  Don’t get me wrong–it’s not because I didn’t put the effort in–I’ve been looking since November!  My problem is that I come up with the “perfect dress” in my head (as in, I make it up) and then search the mall tirelessly for weeks.  Then, I wait until the last minute and have to settle.  It’s great… Not. You think that I would have learned my lesson by now.

Anyways, today was a success story.  Fear not last-minute shoppers–there are still some great dresses out there.  I should know, I bought two of them.  The dress that I’m most likely going to wear tomorrow night is a shiny, cobalt blue, one-shoulder dress by Michael Kors (my all-time favorite designer). Fabulous!

If you’re like me and waited until the last minute couldn’t find the perfect dress, you’re not too late.  Nordstrom still has some great ones (and right now they’re having their half-yearly sale) as does Macy’s, Marshalls, and Forever 21.

Here are some of my favorites:

by Way-In. $74 at Nordstrom

by Michael Kors. $75 at Nordstrom

Rachel Roy. $110 at Macy's

$25 at Forever 21

$25 at Forever 21

Even if you can’t find the dress that’s exactly what you were looking for, remember, it’s not dress that makes a great New Year’s Eve; it’s the people that you’re with.  So ladies, happy dress shopping and good luck!  I know I’ll be out shopping tomorrow morning looking for shoes (I already imagined) to go with my great dress…

Happy New Year 🙂


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