Tis the Season… To Be Photogenic

‘Tis the season… for holiday parties, family portraits, New Year’s Eve, and lots of photos.

My friends like to call me the “group photog” in between complaints about the ump-teenth photo that I’ve taken. But they also never fail to bother ask me about when I’ll be uploading pics to our social media sites. A major plus of being the group photog? I get to choose which photos of me go online or not, and can delete the bad ones before anyone else even knew that they existed.

I’d hardly call myself an expert, so take this advice as you please. But I do think that most girls have already adopted the “skinny arm” hand-on-hip pose that helps us all look a little more photogenic. Give yourself a fair chance at finding a new profile pic this New Year’s Eve with these photogenic tips:

  • When in doubt, wear nude. Not sure if your white or black bra will show through your outfit? When in doubt, wear nude. There’s nothing worse than leaving nothing for the imagination when you’re not trying to purposely go for that see-through shirt trend.
  • Hands on hips. Especially if you’re lined up and find yourself on the end, put your hand on your hip. It’s a much more flattering angle than smashing your arm against your side.
  • Make it fit. A camera really can add a pound or two (spoken from experience in my TV News journalism classes). So keep your clothes on the fitted side rather than billowy or bulky to avoid looking bigger on screen.
  • Brighten up. As tempting as the smoky eye look might be, the best makeup in photos is simple and bright. Don’t over do it. Heavy powders and shades will show once the flash goes off.

The best photos are taken when you’re actually having fun. Taking one or two more photos really isn’t going to make a difference. So get out there and have some fun. We’ll all be looking at your photos very soon online anyways.


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