Tat My Name on You So I Know….it’s Weird.

Idolization of celebrities is something that comes with the career. Once you enter a a job in the entertainment field, there is nothing you can’t find in the form of “fandom” these days.ย For those who may not obsess over celebs like the rest of us, fandom can be explained as the state of being a fan or all that encompasses fan culture and fan behavior in general, or the study of fans and fan behavior, (thanks fandom101.com).

Fans adorn their rooms with posters; change their ringtones to their favorite songs; or for the bigger fans, they might get a tattoo of a lyric or even of a character on a subtle location on their bodies. This one Drizzy Drake fan took her fandom to the next level by not only getting a tattoo of the R&B crooner’s name, but by placing it front and center…literally…on her forehead. Drake had this to say about his biggest fans huge move:


Coincidentally enough, Drake does say “Tat my name on you girl, so I know it’s real” in one of his recent songs entitled “Free Spirit.” While the intention of Drizzy’s lyrics will never truly be known, one thing is for sure, getting a tattoo of the Toronto artist’s name across your forehead was probably not one of them.


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