Holiday Ugly Sweater Parties: Turning “Tacky” into “Trendy”

Attending an Ugly Sweater Party around this time of year doesn’t mean that you have to look ugly. There are ways of pulling off the hideous knitted patterns and designs while still looking cute. My roommates and I had one of these parties last year; we looked pretty darn cute, don’t you think?

Post-college, you might be forced asked to participate in an Ugly Sweater Competition at work. The heels, leggings, glitter, and bows are probably not as work-appropriate as you may think (at least at my office). But there’s still a way to meet the dress code and have some fun:

Sneaking a pic at my desk 🙂

My festive jewelry came from Macy’s but you can pretty much find sparkles, red, & green anywhere this time of year. Oversized sweaters work well over fitted pants (or even jeans if it’s a dressdown day), and you can tuck them into cute boots or heels to polish off the look. I was running late (per usual) this morning, so ended having to pull my hair back. But curling the ends and adding a ribbon may be some nice final touches for any holiday affair. However you choose to spice up your look, present yourself well enough to hide the fact that you were shopping at Savers. There’s no excuse as a twenty-something to look like the Granny that you borrowed your sweater from. For more holiday and ugly sweater party ideas, visit Happy Holidays!


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