More Than Just A Cheap Laugh

Standing around the same couple bars with the same few people every weekend can get a little boring repetitive. But you’re probably thinking that there’s nothing else to do that’s within your budget. Well, I’ve got just the place(s) for you; I guarantee it’ll be a fun night out and will probably end up costing less than your open bar tab last Friday night.

Standup comedy clubs. Okay, so you’ve heard of them because of your parents. WAIT A MINUTE! Have you ever heard of Eddie Murphy, Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Allen, Jay Leno, Chris Rock, Dane Cook, Ellen DeGeneres, Jamie Foxx, Adam Sandler, Jeff Dunham, or Dave Chappelle? You have? Well, they all got their start at standup comedy clubs. Find one in your area, and who knows, maybe you’ll see someone that ends up being the next big thing. As corny as it sounds, it’s true! There’s more than one performer per show and they’ve all made it at least this far, so they’re bound to have some good material.

It’s fun. It’s cheap. And it’s the perfect date idea or girls’ night out with friends. Tickets are afforable (roughly $8-$20 depending on what city you’re in) and there’s usually a two-drink minimum (yes, usually 21+ events). Plus, the later the show, the raunchier the content. And trust me, if you’ve ever gone with Mom and Dad (and I speak from experience), you’ll be turning red and calling the waiter over for another drink before the first act can take its final bow.

Check out for local shows near you. If Improv doesn’t have a club in your area, Google search for other companies in nearby locations. At least you can say that you tried something different, right? I promise… That same crowd and same bar will still be there next weekend… And you probably didn’t miss much.


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