Invitation Only: The Destination of a Life of Style

What’s the “destination of a life of style,” you ask? Well, it’s the exclusive, discounted, online shopping website called Rue La La.

Rue La La is exclusive; shopping and sales on this site are available to members only. Now you’re asking, why would any marketing website that’s trying to expand make anything about their site exclusive? Well, because it works. It makes shopping a little more interesting. The “boutiques” open and close at a certain time and there are a limited number of items, enhancing the excitement of shopping for very sought-after brands. They run boutiques in fashion, accessories, footwear, home, travel, wine, gourmet food, local services, and more. And most of the time, they list their upcoming sale boutiques on their online calendar so that your email reminders ensure that you’re not missing out on any of your favorite brands. But, of course, there are also some surprise boutiques. It keeps you coming back for more. Partnering with sought-after brands and marketing exclusively… SO smart. I’ve already convinced you that you want “in” now, right?

Google it. Find a friend that’s “in” and get in. ASAP. You’re already missing out.


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