Heighten Your Scents this Holiday Season

Does your brother/boyfriend/dad/best male friend have a favorite cologne? If you aren’t sure, the holiday season is the perfect time to start fresh (or restock) in the fragrance department. Sometimes it’s difficult to choose a specific scent, but with the help of the wonderful men and women at your local department store, you’ll be able to find the perfect scent for that special man in your life.

Why is it best to buy fragrances during the holidays? Well, because most of the top brands make gift sets that go hand-in-hand with top-selling products. In these sets, you’ll find free gifts along the lines of shower gel, after shave balm, or even an extra bottle of cologne, all for the same price as the original bottle. It’s seriously a great deal.

Want to bring your gift to the NEXT level? This little trick will spruce up your favorite man’s laundry and is something that many fragrance department employees only share with their most sacred customers. To heighten his scent this holiday season, add a tiny amount (less than a penny-size) of shower gel to a load of wash. This will add just a subtle amount of the scent to his clothes, without being too over-bearing. So if you or your man want to get the most out of this product, spread this tip his way (or do it for him and watch as he smells himself with amazement)!

Try this great gift set from Giorgio Armani. The Acqua di Gio scent comes with a 3.4oz bottle of the cologne, shower gel, and after shave balm. The price of this set values at $113.00. It is currently sold out online, but can be found for only $73.00 this holiday season at a Macy’s store near you.


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